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CD Baby’s Marketing VP: ‘Why is Radiohead Making Me Work So Hard?’


Grammy nominated recording artist with Smalltown Poets , Vice President marketing at CD Baby, founder and Co-host of the CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast : Kevin Breuner talks :

  • Being indie vs. being signed
  • Spinning your content to make you look better than you are
  • Marketing your music 
  • Long distance songwriting
  • The magic way to release content. 
  • Becoming a musician to get rich quick
  • Connecting with fans
  • The advantages of being indie
  • The power and life of songs
  • The Small Town Poets Rockstar video clip
  • Why musicians don’t have to promote themselves
  • Why musicians don't have to do anything!
  • Why is Radiohead making me work so hard?
  • Chris Robley has new music out!
  • Good marketing is story-telling
  • Letting fans in your world
  • How hard work and hustle is attractive
  • The importance of professional video and photos

Click here for full audio podcast

Notable Kevin Bruener quotes :

“As an independent artist if you want to attract people and get them interested in your music it has to be deeper than just imitating what Major label artists are doing with multi-million dollar marketing budgets.”

“Let your audience fill in the details with their imagination”

“Being a musician and baring your soul on stage is terrifying”

“There is no shortage of musicians these days so if you unwilling to promote your music… you are making it much much harder for yourself”

“Good marketing isn’t self promotion , it’s story telling”




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