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My Story Blog by Tim Charron : 'Almost Homeless to Almost Famous' πŸ”₯🎸🌟

Hey There,

I thought I'd share my story with you. 

"Almost Homeless to Almost Famous" πŸ”₯🎸🌟

Losing EVERYTHING, moving to Nashville, No water, shower, bathroom in old RV, playing gigs to eat ...
I moved to Nashville, TN from Miami Beach in 2009 after losing all my money in the 2008 economic collapse. I was dead freakin broke (in debt), “Almost Homeless” and decided I was going to make a living playing music.

( Pretty ridiculous idea now that I think about it ;)

I couldn’t afford a place to live so my friend Cowboy John let me stay in his trailer behind his little house in East Nashville.

The problem was there was no kitchen, no running water, and no bathroom in the RV.

I had to shower at the YMCA and go to the porta potties up the street in Shelby Park.

It sucked, especially in the winter.

So, I hustled for gigs. Singing for my supper, literally, at Drifters BBQ and Star Cafe. No pay, just food.

I hustled my ass off even harder for $25 gigs, $35 gigs,  $45 gigs. ( for 3 hours )

I spent my days making call after call desperately trying to “sell” myself to venues to get gigs. It was an uphill battle.

The more I called, the more I got rejected, the less I wanted to call.

But, I refused to get a “real job” and started putting together strings of solo shows in New England and The Florida Keys where I could play barstools and make $200 a night. 

THIS is how my “tours” started.

The fear of booking myself, the insecurity, the intimidation all made me want to quit .

But before I gave up I decided to try a whole new simplified, stripped down approach.

There's an old “Seinfeld” episode where George decides to do everything the opposite way , that was my idea. Plus I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this out. 

I stopped “over-selling” myself
, I stopped “pitching” people. I let my music do the talking.

I made a lot of important tweaks to this new way of approaching things and simplified everything .


I discovered something that completely changed my life, my music career, my confidence soared and I took more action … all by literally DOING LESS. What a concept! ;)

My music career started rolling downhill. Booking gigs got easier, actually fun :) 

 I started getting club and festival gigs with my band. I got offered opening spots for national acts. My fan base started growing and growing. People were buying my music.

I had created the most important thing … momentum !


So, now I’m playing for 10s of 1000’s of people all over the world. I have a massive fan club.

I’ve opened for over 30 National acts like : 

Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Bret Michaels of Poison, Big & Rich, Dustin Lynch, Chris Young, Maddie & Tae, Clint Black, Randy Houser and a TON more !

I booked all these shows and built my music career all by myself :

No manager, no booking agent, no record label, and nobody telling me what to do with my music !

I tell you this story to highlight the fact that if I can go from being “Almost homeless” and broke to having a career in music that is beyond what I hoped for … You can too.

I’m not the most talented musician by a long-shot. I’m self taught and won’t be winning “The Voice” anytime soon ;)

It just takes a shift in your mindset and your approach to make things flow and become easier for you to chase your dreams.

I hope to inspire you w/ my stories, tips and real-life techniques to help your dreams become a reality !


So lets go!

Get excited about all of the opportunity out here to book showsperformget paidgain fansget your music heard and turn yourself into a STAR!

Nows the time .... we got this ! 


Let me know how I can help you - Tim



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